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Yordam RFID Smart Library System offers a fast, secure, consistent and proven technology solution that books and documents can be followed, placement, count, find and performing automatic borrow (loan) / return processes easily.



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Our company serving the library and archive sector for many years, by specializing in this regard, signed at hundreds of library and archive software projects and have been completed these projects successfully. Today continues to work with private companies, universities and including government agencies, over 200 libraries and archives in the supplies, software and hardware fields in Turkey and abroad.

Our company focuses on R & D activities in the field of librarianship and archival, in this context, we offer for the book and document scanning; Digiman Professional Digitizing System, for borrow and return transactions automatically performed by the members; K-Matic Automatic Borrow/Return Station and RFID technology solutions.

With RFID technology, the progress achieved in inventory input from long-distance, control and  security, compared with the previous solutions in the field of librarianship and archival, have more efficient performance. YORDAM RFID Smart Library System is fully compatible with YORDAM Library Automation Program which we believe is the best solution for library management. It offers great benefits for today and the future.

We believe that in this sector, we can produce better and lasting solutions, carried out with a strong technology partnership with Teknopalas Company which performed hundreds of successful projects in Turkey on RFID field and service providing on RFID technology in the worldwide.

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